Adal-House started participation in the process of writing the history of the Eritrean struggle دار أدال تشارك في كتابة تاريخ الثورة الأريترية في إطار مشروع الدار لعام 2017 – 2020










    Adal-House had the chance to meet with important and professionals concerned writers, actvisit, researchers and scholars during the Reunion of ELF conference in Denver from July 1-3, 2017 and discuss about the important of documents, books, photos, archiving of the Eritrean struggle before & during struggle of Eritrean national democratic struggle, where the conference was conducted under the theme “Honoring The Past and Inspiring The Future”, a project Adal House for Studies, Culture, & Publishing consider the core of its road map for 2017- 2020.

Among those Adal-House met with the chairperson Elsa Mesfen Embaye of the reunion, where collecting – documents, films, photos, and printing books 📚 and documents – are the pillars of their task in the diaspora.


Elsa Mesfen Embaye

It was a great chance as well for Adal-House to meet with Mr. Gunter Schroder Independent Consultant & Researcher from Germany 🇩🇪 the keynote speaker in the conference, as he presented important findings and data, about “The challenges of writing history”


  Adal House  with Mr. Schroder has exchanged information and data about how to work together in the field of writing, translating & Publishing, as it was very kind of him to share with Adal-House those important and historical documents , and interviews ( where some of them is not published yet to the public) particularly about events, documents, and secrets facts about the Eritrean struggle hopefully  Adal-House will work with Mr. Schroder  to be published soon,


not to mention that we were fortunate to give him background about the experience our publishing house achieved and our plan for 2017- 2020 as addressing the history of the Eritrean struggle and others movements in the Horn of Africa, the Nile Valley & the Red Sea is among our first priorities.

As part of Adal-House outreach program to reach and work with Eritreans writers from all backgrounds, we did conducted several meeting and accomplished some deals with the attendees of the Reunion to work together on some important projects; where we had the chance to meet with many other writers, activists , scholars and Eritrean publishers attend the reunion, among them was Dr. Ghirmai Negash Professor of English & Postcolonial Literatures and the Director of the African Studies Program at Ohio University.

He is the founding-editor of the Modern African Writing Series, Ohio University Press; former founding-chair of the Department of Eritrean Languages and Literature, Asmara University; former President of PEN-Eritrea in exile; and past convener of the African Literature Association (ALA 2011). He was also a member of the ALA Executive Council; member of the Faculty Senate, and Vice-chair and Undergraduate Director of the Department of English, Ohio University.

Negash received his PhD from the University of Leiden in 1999. His research and teaching interests include postcolonial African and world literatures, critical theory, orature, and translation. His main writings focus on the literatures and cultures of the Horn of Africa and South Africa. A multilingual writer speaking several African and European languages, he publishes in English and his native language, Tigrnya.


Adal-House did reported in Arabic before and wrote about his translation of the first Eritrean novel “The Conscript” in Tigrnya which was written in 1927 by Gebreyesus Hailu, as well mentioned about his important book in English titled  “A History of Tigrinya Literature” a book about the “Oral and Written of Tigrinay  Literature in Eritrea 1890- 1991” published by Africa World Press, Inc.



 Ibrahim Idris from Adal-House with both Dr. Ghirmai and Dr. Angesom whom is working on a very important  📚 book about the history of ELF.
  Adal-House  during the event and session of discussions had the chance to discuss with other concern writers, scholars,  and publishers about many different Eritreans books and writers contributed to the history of the Eritrean struggle in Eritrea today, particularity the outstanding three important books written by the Eritrean historian of today, scholar Mr. Alemseged Tesfay particularly the last book titled “Eritrea, from Federation to Occupation and Revolution” which covered important part of the ELF history. 
   As well Adal-House met with  MR. Abella Sueilman, the previous foreign office in charge of the ELF-RC; whom in part conducted and lead the negotiating relation with the USSR & the Ethiopian regime during the cold war; where he gave his new and untold testimony to the reunion, as it was never said before. Adal-House promised to follow with Mr. Sueilman and  Mr. Schroder about more information on the subject, since Adal-House has a great concern to address in the near future more data on the subject matter 
Another important meeting was conducted with writer Fessehaye Hagos, whom wrote recently with Ngusse Tsegai , &  Dirar Mantaia book titled “Eritrea Liberation Front(ELF) it’s struggle for Freedom and Social Justice 1961 – 1982. 
Not to mention that Mr. Hagos is looking on how to work together with Adal-House in looking into the possibility to translate the recent book of Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali from Arabic into Tigyring, where the book was titled ” The road of ELF from its inception to its end” must to be read book about that time, since Mr. Ali was one of the leader of the progressive secret party within the ELF. 

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