ABOUT US. من نحنُ


Welcome to Adal Bookstore

This is one of the new “Society” in the field of Cyber-bookstores/self-Cyber publishing that sprang up in the cyberspace of the Horn of Africa in the Diaspora. We decided to start this idea in response to the hopefulness and havoc of the times, as there are many misconception, confusion and luck of rational dialogue as was suppose to be the norm, while others are trying to manage this crisis by adapting new thoughts and tool to communicate intellectually and progressively.

We did realize that at this precious time of ours, we are struck with so many crisis & confusions; a reality which drive us to look for one mile step concept, that is to reach out to the communities at large in the Horn of Africa, Red sea the Nile valley and particularly among Eritreans where we started, by adapting a promising mediums which can be used as tools to transform our vision to create a new cyber bookstore together with the desirer to empower self- publishing; where many of us in the Diaspora can reach to each other easily and effectively.

We realized that in order to become a doable, effective and timely viable bookstore, where we can participate significantly in the society around us, we’d have to address most of the needs and interests of our communities – in the area – of poetry, history, fiction, political studies and nonfiction written books, which is rooted to our radical origins by seeking out and featuring the most innovative and cutting-edge work, whether it be fiction, cultural criticism, or politics and more. We are open to work in different level, by publishing, translating, host workshops, panel discussions and whatever forms can achieve the purpose of reaching out each others.


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